The intelligent Bricon Club-Master is the hub of the Bricon system

The Bricon club system comprises of the Club-Master unit, a GPS time receiver or radio-clock, the 12 volt transformer power supply, the master female Unives Compatibility cable, a male-male connection cable for attaching to the side connector, a USB cable for computer connection, a user guide and the Bricon Club Editor software package which includes free access to the club results calculator.

Compliant with the Unives 1.7 protocol, the Bricon Club-Master is fully compatible with all ETS brands.

Bricon is acknowledged as the easiest club system to operate, with the large visual display providing step-by-step instructions in plain simple English that any club official will quickly understand.

The Bricon Club-Master system enables a club to
Conduct the race basketing of pigeons for a race.
Set any electronic timing clock.
Read-out the clocking times from any ETS clock after a race.
Receive a time signal from an external source (GPS, Radio clock or Internet time).
Link electronic chip-rings to the life rings in conjunction with the Bricon Club Editor.
Send the fanciers data and ring details to the ETS clock.
Back-up the data on the clock to a computer via its USB connector.
Download free software updates for the Bricon system via an online computer.
Produce a full club race result shortly after the final clock is read.

The Bricon Club-Master system is available to any club where a fancier uses a Bricon system. The system is supplied to clubs on a long-term loan basis for as long as it continues to organise races. The only additional item required by the organisation is a compatible printer.