The proven Bricon 5000 series provides the widest choice of electronic chip ring options, giving you the freedom to decide whether your bird carries the chip in a separate plastic ring or has it attached to its own life ring.
Whichever option you choose, you can have great confidence in the quality and reliability of Bricon chips thanks to the Hitag-S electronic chip and the expertise and care invested in the ring production process by Bricon.

The options within the approved Bricon ‘5000 series’ of electronic chips are ..

5001 : Classic ring
The Bricon Classic is a traditional style all-in-one ring in which the electronic chip and the plastic ring is formed as one unit.
The Classic ring is placed on the bird by hand and closes fully around the leg of the pigeon.

5002 : Chip-Stick with Maxculla ring

The Bricon ‘5000 series’ Chip-Stick contains the electronic chip in a small, neat and versatile format.
The Chip-Stick is supplied with the Bricon Maxculla plastic ring which is available in a choice of 12 attractive colours making identification of birds very easy. The Chip-Stick slides and clicks securely into the Maxculla plastic ring before the ring is put on the pigeons leg using the Bricon special ring pliers which make the fitting of the ring a simple process.

5003 : Chip-Stick with Lock

The Bricon ‘5000 series’ Chip-Stick also has the versatility to attach to the life ring of the pigeon.
The Bricon Chip-Stick can be supplied with the Bricon Lock, which is a two-part plastic lock that can be attached to the life ring of the pigeon. The Chip-Stick slides securely into place within the Lock before it is attached to the life ring. The Lock will attach to any standard circular ring and will then slide freely around the ring so that it is always possible to read the full ring number of the bird or it will attach to a Combi ring.
NB: The Bricon ‘5000 series’ Chip-Stick will also slide securely into the iCom ring.

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