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Bricon antenna pads are the
most advanced on the market
leading in design and technology

  • Bricon antenna pads operate with dynamic search, a superfast process of searching for the strongest chip in each field. Unique in the sport, this makes it possible to read a chip ring whilst another has motion within the same field.

  • Bricon antenna pads do not have gaps between the electromagnetic fields, made possible by an exclusive system design that allows the fields to overlap. Bricon antenna therefore record over the full width of the pad with no need for tunnels to be built over the pad. Wherever the pigeon enters the pad, there will be a field ready and waiting to record its arrival.

  • All Bricon multi-field antenna pads operate at the most efficient multiplexing rates possible, therefore Bricon four-field and six-field pads function as fast as any two-field pad.

  • Bricon antenna pads have a special internal waterproof protective coating.

  • A Bricon antenna network can span with cabling of up to 300 metres for the largest of lofts.

  • Antenna pads can be linked to one another with a connection cable (choice of lengths) or by directly connecting the T-connection boxes, each of which incorporates a built in voltage tester.

  • All Bricon pads are slimline at just 22mm thick so can be fitted into the tightest of positions.

  • Bricon offers a choice of antenna pad sizes to satisfy your individual loft requirements.

  • 1 field loft antenna = 163 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm (6½ inches wide)
  • 2 field loft antenna = 282 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm (11 inches wide)
  • 4 field loft antenna = 482 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm (19 inches wide)
  • 6 field loft antenna = 683 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm (27 inches wide)

The new G-Model antenna pads with special features.

  • Antenna pad and software optimised for the Bricon 5000 series of electronic chip rings.
  • The housing of the pad has increased protection against the effects of direct sunlight.
  • The integral cable is 2 metres long with the T-connection box having a powerful LED light.
  • Heightened resistance to the effects of cold temperatures with an internal warming process.

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