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1. please note - not available in the UK

2. Speedy X-treme
The next generation ETS clock with its integrated USB port giving computer connectivity.
Super small size, the Speedy X-treme will fit easily into your pocket at just 3
3/4 inch x 2 7/8 inch.
300 race birds can be assigned a linkage within the clock.
16 different races and a training flight can all be flown and recorded at the same time.
Six antenna pads can be connected, with up to 96 pads possible when antenna buffers are fitted.
Compatible with all Bricon antenna pads.
Software updates can be downloaded directly to the clock via the BCE and an online connection.
PRINT MANAGER enables the clock data to be saved onto your home computer or lap top, so that the details of your birds, race clocking times and training flights can be viewed or printed at any time.
MONITOR lets you watch live as the full details, clocking times and velocities of your birds appear instantly on the screen of your computer or lap top connected to the Speedy X-treme with the USB cable. A choice of bells and whistles are available to alert you to when a bird is recorded.
EMAIL. The monitor gives the option to send automated emails through an internet connection to any number of email addresses forwarding your arrival times to a computer, lap top, tablet or smart phone.
BRICON WEB gives you the option to have the full details of your clocking times uploaded to the Bricon server, so your times and velocities will be displayed live in real time on the BriconWeb alongside the clockings of fellow competitors that choose to do likewise giving a live rolling result. Clockings can also show live as they happen on a map, bringing new found excitement to a race.

Highly advanced clocking technology, packed with many special features.
Super small size, the Speedy clock fits very easily into your pocket at just 3
3/4 inch x 2 7/8 inch.
200 race birds can be assigned a linkage within the clock.
8 different races and a training flight can all be flown and recorded at the same time.
Four antenna pads can be connected, with up to 64 pads possible when buffers are fitted.
Compatible with each of the four sizes of Bricon antenna pad.
Fully automatic, simply plug it into its holder before the birds arrive and unplug it after the race.
Impossible to press the wrong buttons during a race, as access to the menu is blocked.
The clocking information of each bird timed can be viewed on the clock display during a race.
In conjunction with the Bricon Plus enables late birds to be recorded when the Speedy is away.
Free software updates downloaded via the Bricon Club-Master linked to the Internet.

3a. Speedylite (not illustrated) – Bricon quality but for a budget price.
The same design, quality, efficiency and advanced clocking technology as the Speedy clock.
For a loft with a race team of up to 100 birds and not requiring the Bricon Plus reserve clock.
For a loft requiring a single antenna pad, with the choice of the one field or two field antenna available.

4. Wall Holder for the clock
A wall holder is supplied with each clock, to be positioned where you want to save space in the loft.

5. Bricon Plus
(for the Speedy and Speedy X-treme)
Reserve clock - ideal for timing pigeons when the Speedy or Speedy X-treme is away from the loft.

6. 7. 8. 9. Antenna Pads
New G-series antenna pads available in four different width sizes.
Records birds over the entire width of the antenna, meaning that entry tunnels are not required.
The quick reaction time of all loft antennas ensures the recording of all pigeons.
Slimline construction of only 22mm thickness, makes it easy for the antenna to fit into any loft position.
The antennas are sealed and coated on the inside and are water resistant.
You can bridge up to 150m of cable with one system without the need of amplifiers.
New generation 4 field and 6 field antenna pads can be placed next to each other in any combination.

1 field loft antenna. 163 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm = 6½ inches wide.
2 field loft antenna. 282 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm = 11 inches wide.
4 field loft antenna. 482 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm = 19 inches wide.
6 field loft antenna. 683 mm x 253 mm x 22 mm = 27 inches wide.

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BRICON UK price list 2018

10. Antenna T-Connector
Each antenna pad has its own T-Connector with an integrated power light incorporated into the plug.

Bricon offers a choice of electronic ring options, incorporating the Bricon 5000 series Hitag-S chip.

11. Bricon 5001 CLASSIC ring
Traditional all-in-one style of electronic ring that has been in use for 15 years.

12. Bricon 5002 Chip-Stick
Advanced design of a separate electronic chip-stick that will insert into a variety of ring formats,

13. Bricon 5002 Chip-Stick with LOCK
Chip-Stick placed into the two part disposable Lock which attaches to the life ring of the pigeon.

14. Bricon 5002 Chip-Stick with MAXCULLA ring
(available in a choice of 12 colours)
Chip-Stick supplied with a Bricon Maxculla plastic ring that goes around the birds leg.

15. Bricon 5002 Chip-Stick for COMBI ring
The Chip-Stick will also slide into the Combi life ring.

16. Bricon Club-Master
The Bricon Club-Master is the complete race system equipment for the club.
Enables the linking of life rings and conducts the race marking and setting and strike-off of clocks.
Fully compatible with the Unives 1.7 Protocol, so any ETS brand of clock can be race basketed.
Data can then be sent to the PC for processing in the result calculation program.
A simply and almost fully automated system that club officials can quickly understand and operate.
Supplied with a GPS time signal receiver the system is made available to clubs on a long term loan.
The BCE software program gives free software updates available online.
The Bricon Club-Master is the ideal partner for each club.

Bricon Club Editor Software
The BCE software is free to clubs supplied on a CD, but can also be downloaded free from the Bricon website.
This software makes it easy to link birds with the master and then send the pigeon list to the members clock..

Results Calculator
(free of charge to clubs)
With an activation code you can access the Results Calculation module within the BCE. It is then possible to read the race data in the clock and transfer it electronically to the results calculator (also allows manual entry).

Items not shown

Power supply – 12 volt Transformer 1500mA
High quality, tried and trusted power supply to transform 240 volt mains electricity to the required 12 volt.

Connection Cable
A connection cable may be required to link antenna pads together within the loft. Bricon offer a choice of cable sizes with 2 metres, 3 metres, 5 metres, 10 metres, 17½ metres, 25 metres and 40 metre lengths available.

Split Cable
Enables two Speedy clocks to be connected to one system - great for being at two clubs at the same time.

Battery Connection Cable
The system can be powered by a 12 volt battery with the connection provided by a battery connection cable.

Unives Compatibility Cable
This cable gives a compatible connection of any Bricon clock to any other brand of club master system.

Antenna Buffer
Enhances the loft system to enable the Speedy and Speedy X-treme clock to operate with additional pads beyond the standard set up. One buffer would enable the Speedy to function with between 5 and 19 antenna, whilst one buffer would enable the Speedy X-treme to operate with between 7 and 21 antenna pads.

Carrying cases (for the complete Speedy range of clocks)
Protect your ETS clock from dust and other undue influences with a cloth carrying case.

Print Manager (supplied with a software CD, USB Cable and 1000mA power transformer)
PC program for Microsoft Windows making it possible to save the information held your clock to your home computer and then view or print lists including a Pigeon list, Overview list, Training list and Race Clocking list.