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Trusted throughout the pigeon sport and the worldwide market leader

The Speedy clock from Bricon is the smallest electronic timing clock

  • Highly advanced timing system technology.

  • Super small measuring 3 3/4 inch x 2 7/8 inch.

  • Pocket sized and therefore very easy to carry.

  • Weighs in at just a little over 100 grams.

  • Handles a race team of up to 200 pigeons.

  • Up to eight races can be flown at the same time.

  • Choice of four different sizes of antenna pad.

  • Four antenna pads can be connected as standard.

  • Antenna buffers enable up to 64 pads to be linked.

  • A keypad with just four buttons for simply operation.

  • Quick navigation thanks to its icon menu structure.

  • Easy to view illuminated Liquid Crystal Display.

  • Records training even when a race is in progress.

  • Impossible to press the wrong button during a race.

  • Fully automatic, simply plug the Speedy into its wall holder and it is ready to record.

  • The clocking information of each bird can be fully viewed at any time during the race.

  • Packed with numerous special features including the free antenna testing function.

  • Rings can be allocated directly to the clock using the loft antenna as the chip reader.

  • Free software updates can be downloaded via the BCE and the Bricon Club-Master.

  • Supplied with its own space saving wall holder and a hard wearing canvas clock bag.

  • The Bricon Plus reserve clock enables continuous clocking at the loft for late birds.

  • Two Speedy clocks can be connected within the same loft system with a split cable.

Also available


Bricon quality, efficiency and performance but for a fancier on a budget

  • The same size, design and advanced clocking technology as the Speedy clock.

  • All the features and benefits of the Speedy clock with the following exceptions.

  • For a race team of up to 100 pigeons.

  • Operates with a single antenna pad.

  • Not compatible with the Bricon Plus reserve clock.