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The Next Generation ETS clock

The Speedy X-treme clock with its integrated USB port gives you computer connectivity and free access to special software programs that can transform and revitalise your enjoyment of the sport and open up new horizons to take pigeon racing into the 21st century.
The Speedy X-treme will simply take over from your trusted Speedy
and will connect to your existing Bricon antenna pad system

The clock that gives you MORE
50% more birds - now 300 birds can be linked
50% more antenna - now 6 pads as standard
100% more races - 16 races at the same time
improved functionality and more user friendly.
and then so MUCH MORE
The USB port built into the side of the clock opens up
many new possibilities not seen before that you will love.

PRINT MANAGER enables the data held on the Speedy X-treme to be transferred and saved onto your home computer or lap top, so that at any time the information can be viewed or printed. This includes the full details of your birds, your race clocking times and your training flights, giving you the means to assess and analyse the performances of each pigeon in your race team.

BRICON MONITOR lets you watch live during a race as the clocking times and velocities of your clocked bird appear instantly on the screen of your home computer or lap top connected to the Speedy X-treme with the USB cable. The full details of each bird and its clock time will show on screen, with a choice of bells and whistles available to alert you to when a bird is home.

EMAIL. The monitor gives the option to send automated emails through an internet connection to any number of email addresses giving your arrival times to a computer, lap top, ipad or phone.

BRICON WEB gives you the option to have your clockings uploaded to the Bricon server, so your times and velocities will be displayed live in real time on the BriconWeb alongside the clockings of fellow competitors that choose to do likewise giving a live rolling unofficial result. Race clockings can also be viewed live as they happen on a map to give new found excitement.

BRICON CLUB EDITOR is the club software program that previously could only be accessed by the Bricon Club-Master. The Speedy X-treme however can directly connect to the BCE without the master, bringing the ability to enter the name, address, loft number, loft coordinates and racepoints onto the clock and furthermore software updates can now be carried out at home.

The Speedy X-treme is supplied with a wall holder, clock bag, USB cable and access to the PM.

BRICON offers tremendous trade in deals when you move up to the Speedy X-treme.
You can trade in any brand of ETS clock, Bricon or otherwise, regardless of condition and be the proud owner of a brand new Speedy X-treme.