May I thank you for your interest in the Bricon electronic timing system which is now placed as the UK market leader. This introductory letter and the brochure will give you the necessary knowledge to understand more about the Bricon system, but please feel free to make contact with me if you require any additional information or advice.

Bricon has put together a selection of complete packages for the fancier, whether it be for a loft introducing electronic timing or for someone who wants an extensive set-up, each taking away the hassle and worry as to what is required.

The most obvious requirement in an electronic timing system is clearly the timing clock and Bricon gives you three options - the best selling Speedy, the economy Speedylite and the brand new Speedy X-treme. As the smallest ETS clocks available at 3¾ x 2
7/8 inch, each gives complete compatibility with every brand of club master system.

The Speedy clock is our UK best seller catering for a race team of up to 200 birds with up to 4 antenna pads as standard. Alternatively the Speedylite is for the fancier wanting Bricon timing but at a price unmatched by other ETS systems. The Speedylite gives the same efficiency and benefits as the Speedy, but is enabled for one antenna and 100 ring linkages.

The newly introduced Speedy X-treme is the next generation clock giving computer connectivity. The Speedy X-treme with its USB port can connect to a computer or laptop so that a fancier has the option to watch as his arrivals show live on a computer screen, have emails automatically sent giving his clocking times and take part in the BriconWeb whereby live rolling results can be viewed on the internet as a race progresses. The future of ETS is with the Speedy X-treme.

Bricon produce four sizes of Antenna Pad, each uniquely having electro-magnetic fields that actually overlap and are thus the only pads designed to be used without tunnels. Bricon pads are each 10 inches deep and less than 1 inch thick ensuring a slimline fit, and with four different sizes you have the choice and flexibility to meet your lofts requirements. Available is the One-field pad (6½ inch), Two-field pad (11 inch), Four-field pad (19 inch) and the Six-field pad (27 inch).

There is a choice of system packages with each model of clock. Each package contains a pocket sized clock, a high-tech Antenna pad, 12 volt transformer power supply, a connection cable, clock bag, wall holder for the clock and ring pliers.

Variations on these packages can be made to suit your requirements, including a no cost option of exchanging the standard power supply transformer for a Battery connection cable for those lofts without mains power. There is also the option of adding the Bricon Plus to give the capability to time late birds when the main clock is at the club.

The Bricon 5000 series electronic chip
uses the 256-bit Hitag-S chip with the latest technology to give extended reading capabilities and faster data transfer. It is available as either the traditional style Bricon 5001 Classic ring or the Bricon 5002 Chip-Stick which is a universal independent chip for use with different ring formats. The Chip-Stick is supplied with the Bricon plastic Maxculla ring (in a choice of 12 colours) or the Bricon Lock which attaches to any life ring.

The Bricon USB Club-Master system
is made available to all clubs where a fancier uses a Bricon timing system. This is fully compatible with all other brands using Unives 1.7 and comprises the marking/clocksetting unit, a GPS time signal receiver, 12 volt power transformer, all compatibility cables and connectors and Bricon Club Editor software program. This software enables the club to download free software updates, link rings and take back-ups of all data on a clock. It also provides a results calculation programme for the quick and simple electronic transfer of data and production of race results. All of this is made available free of charge to a club. The only additional item needed is a compatible printer (see Bricon website for details) which can be obtained from a specialist outlet such as Printerbase.co.uk

We are fully aware of the importance of customer support, and as a fourth generation pigeon fancier myself, I am confident that I can offer you the service that you require, both in terms of technical expertise and practical experience. A previous Bricon customer survey showed that 99.7% would recommend Bricon to a friend. I trust that you will be pleased with the Bricon electronic timing system, the most advanced in the world and now the UK market leader.

Best regards

Mark Palmer - Bricon UK
6 Conway Grove, Birmingham. B43 5HD
Tel: 0121 357 7172 email: bricon.ets@live.com Website and Videos at