Welcome to the BRICON UK website.

The BRICON company is based in Sint Niklaas, Belgium right in the heart of the pigeon sport. It was established under the name of Bawibo Electronics in 1997 and continued until the foundation of a new company at the end of 2000. Henceforth the Bricon name flourished and is now represented in some 42 different countries worldwide, leading the way in a great many. Indeed in Belgium where fanciers are extremely knowledgeable, Bricon dominates having captured over 90% of the market.
Attention to detail, no matter how small is very important to Bricon, and as the directors are pigeon fanciers themselves it has given the company a distinct advantage over its competition, combining technical know-how with extensive pigeon experience to give precisely what is needed. No matter what the issue, Bricon has soon found a solution, whether it be in developing antenna pads that uniquely have fields that overlap and thus eliminate the need for tunnels, or in designing a clock that is small enough to fit in the pocket avoiding the extra expense of second small unit.
In addition to providing electronic timing systems that not only feature the latest in design and technology but are also simple for the fancier to use, Bricon also strives to provide the first class customer service that is vital to give the peace of mind to its user to ensure that the Bricon timing system is enjoyed to its full. You can have confidence in the Bricon ETS.

What's new at BRICON?

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